Agriturismo Pozzuolo

Christmas You Don't Expect

  • Publication date: 20/11/2015
  • By: Province of Pesaro and Urbino

From November 28 to January 6, 2015 - Cities of the province

Music, colors and flavors of the Marche. From November 28 to January 6, come and discover the traditional markets, nativity scenes, concerts and festivals in the towns and villages of the province of Pesaro and Urbino.

Candelara Candles
CANDELARA, November 28-29, December 5-6-7-8-12-13

In the Castle of Santa Claus
FRONTONE, November 29, December 6–7–8–13

Christmas Castle
GRADARA, from November 29 to January 6

Christmas markets in the City of Beer
APECCHIO, December 6

Christmas Ciocco Visciola
PERGOLA, 6 to 8 December

Renaissance Nativity - Feast of the Winter Duke
URBINO, 5 to 8 December

The Ways of Cribs
URBINO, from December 5 to January 6

Living Nativity
PIOBBICO, December 27

National Festival of Epiphany
URBANIA, January 2 to 6

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