Agriturismo Pozzuolo

Agriturismo Pozzuolo

The activity that gives name to our farm

The restaurant is only with reservation and is also for vegans and vegetarians.

The bio-farmhouse Pozzuolo, open all year round, is located in the rural village of Pozzuolo in the municipality of Colli al Metauro, on the hills of the province of Pesaro and Urbino at 350 mt. above sea level.

The main building, which was renovated following the green building criteria, is located at the top of the village and has a large private garden. You can enjoy your stay in several ways, such as joining the bio-farm activities, having a walk in the natural environment or hiking.

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In our farmhouse it is important that our guests feels at home

The Cellar

In the basement there is a large restored cellar with an original vaulted ceiling. This is where all the agricultural products, such as vegetables, fruits, cured meats, cheese, preserves, oil, and wine, are stored.

The Oven

Outside the house there is a room used for bread making. It provides a fireplace, cast iron oven, and traditional brick oven. This is where handmade bread and biscuits are made for the farmhouse.

The Kitchen

The farmhouse has a large, well equipped kitchen, where guests can take part in the preparation of the meals.

The Dining Room

The dining room is characterized by a big wood stove and wooden tables inlaid with decorations which depict t typical scenes of the countryside.

The Reading Room

The reading room, heated by a wood stove, has a bookcase and a music centre. This is a room that guest can use to relax, unwind, enjoy a book, and listen to music.

The Garden

Outside the house is a herb garden and patio with a scenic view of the countryside. There is also a large private garden where olives, various other vegetables, and fruits are grown. Just past the garden there is woodland kept for the collection of truffles.