Agriturismo Pozzuolo

Bio Agricultural Holding

The Bio-Farmhouse

The bio farmhouse, which is open all year long, is located in the rural village of Pozzuolo in the municipality of Colli al Metauro, on the hills of the province of Pesaro and Urbino at 350 mt. above sea level.
Its central location in the province allows easy access to the Adriatic Sea, the Umbria-Marche Apennines and the historic sites of Urbino, Fano, Mondavio, Gradara, Fonte Avellana. The when visiting, there activities for a relaxing holiday are numerous. Some of which are exploring the surrounding natural environment and participating in farm activities (caring for the vegetable garden, bread making, collaboration in preparing meals). Meals are made with simple ingredients and organic products grown on the farm. Hiking and other excursions can be guided in the nearby Apennine mountains and other sites of the region (Furlo Nature Reserve, Regional Natural Park of Sasso Simone and Simoncello, National Park of Sibillini mountains). The main building, which was renovated following the green building criteria, is located at the top of the village and has a large private garden. Agricultural activities consist primarily of organic cultivation of vegetables, fruits, truffles, olives and the maintenance of the woods. The size of the farm is minimal to emphasize hospitality and can accommodate a maximum of ten people as it is has a small agricultural production, mainly directed to home consumption.

The Village of Pozzuolo

A small gem found in the countryside of Colli al Metauro, is a tiny castle of Pozzuolo. The road, that leads from the capital to this village,runs along a ridge aimed towards the Adriatic coast. The houses in this tiny village appear to be stacked one upon the other, huddled and close with the left side dominated by a church and its steeple. Surrounding the town are forests, a few plowed fields, and olive trees dotting the countryside. Pozzuolo is not a village but a painting. A dot in a bucolic landscape so different from the rush of the land, which embraces the river Metauro.

Daniele Sacco
Il Resto del Carlino-Pesaro, May 10, 2010